Books That Changed History

Books That Changed History

Author: DK

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 9780241323045

Category: Reference

Page: 258

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Imagine a world without Principia Mathematica, Rights of Man, the Bible, Shakespeare, or the Mahabharata. Books that Changed History features 75 of the world's most momentous titles - from The Art of War to Anne Frank's Diary - and reveals their far-ranging impact. Books are the medium through which scientists, storytellers, and philosophers introduce their ideas. Discover seminal religious and political titles, cornerstones of science such as On the Origin of Species, and ancient texts such as the I Ching, which is still used today to answer fundamental questions about human existence. Get up close to see fascinating details, such as Versalius' exquisite anatomical illustrations in Epitome, Leonardo da Vinci's annotated notebooks, or the hand-decorated pages in the Gutenberg Bible. Discover why Euclid's Elements of Geometry was the most influential maths title ever published, and marvel at rare treasures such as the Aubin Codex, which tells the history of the Aztecs and the early Spanaish colonial period in Mexico. Books that Changed History gathers stories, diaries, scientific treatises, plays, dictionaries, and religious texts into a stunning celebration of the power of books.

Chinese Classic History Books

Chinese Classic History Books

Author: Zhi Dao

Publisher: DeepLogic


Category: History


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The book provides highlights on the key concepts and trends of evolution in Chinese Classic History Books, as one of the series of books of “China Classified Histories”.

Reading History in Children's Books

Reading History in Children's Books

Author: Catherine Butler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9781137026033

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 207

View: 434

This book offers a critical account of historical books about Britain written for children, including realist novels, non-fiction, fantasy and alternative histories. It also investigates the literary, ideological and philosophical challenges involved in writing about the past, especially for an audience whose knowledge of history is often limited.

A Complete History of American Comic Books

A Complete History of American Comic Books

Author: Shirrel Rhoades

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 1433101076

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 353

View: 890

This book is an updated history of the American comic book by an industry insider. You'll follow the development of comics from the first appearance of the comic book format in the Platinum Age of the 1930s to the creation of the superhero genre in the Golden Age, to the current period, where comics flourish as graphic novels and blockbuster movies. Along the way you will meet the hustlers, hucksters, hacks, and visionaries who made the American comic book what it is today. It's an exciting journey, filled with mutants, changelings, atomized scientists, gamma-ray accidents, and supernaturally empowered heroes and villains who challenge the imagination and spark the secret identities lurking within us.

Reader in the History of Books and Printing

Reader in the History of Books and Printing

Author: Paul A. Winckler

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 0313240388

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 406

View: 994

An introduction to the history of graphic communication through the ages which studies the role of books and printing in the recording, preserving, and dissemination of ideas and its impact on civilization. The readings and illustrations have been selected from the extensive literature on the book to include items of value and interest to the student, educator, librarian, historian, media specialist, bibliophile, bookman and bookwoman--all who are interested in the world of books and printing.

A Social History of Books and Libraries from Cuneiform to Bytes

A Social History of Books and Libraries from Cuneiform to Bytes

Author: Patrick M. Valentine

Publisher: Scarecrow Press

ISBN: 9780810885714

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 222

View: 487

A Social History of Books and Libraries from Cuneiform to Bytes traces the roles of books and libraries throughout recorded history and explores their social and cultural importance within differing societies and changing times. It presents the history of books from clay tablets to e-books and the history of libraries, whether built of bricks or bytes.

Homo Ecophagus

Homo Ecophagus

Author: Warren M. Hern

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000640106

Category: Social Science

Page: 337

View: 568

Homo Ecophagus by Warren M. Hern is a wide-ranging look at the major problems for the survival of not just the human species, but all other species on Earth due to human activities over the past tens of thousands of years. The title of the book indicates Hern’s new name for the human species: “The man who devours the ecosystem.” Over the course of its evolution, Hern observes, humans have evolved cultures and adaptations that have now become malignant and that the human species, at the global level, has all the major characteristics of a malignant neoplasm ・ converting all plant, animal, organic, and inorganic material into human biomass or its adaptive adjuncts and support systems. Hern contends that this process is incompatible with continued survival of the human species and most other species on the planet, offering a diagnosis and prognosis of the current environmental impasse.