Diplomatic Protocol

Diplomatic Protocol

Author: Rosalie Rivett

Publisher: Whittles

ISBN: 1849953708


Page: 183

View: 771

Diplomatic Protocol highlights the important relevance of Protocol as it applies to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and provides factual and anecdotal examples of this vital aspect of statecraft and international diplomacy.

A Study of Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

A Study of Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

Author: Jiali Zhou

Publisher: Springer Nature

ISBN: 9789811906879

Category: Political Science

Page: 281

View: 353

This book, with its focus on the study of diplomatic protocol and etiquette, collects high-quality papers written by scholars in diplomatic protocol from nine countries, including US, UK, Russia, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, India and China. As a result of in-depth international academic cooperation, it explores diplomatic protocol from three dimensions of theory, practice and country-specific and has the characteristics of internationality and nationality. From a global perspective, it is the first time that experts from so many countries work together in diplomatic protocol which makes this book present a more comprehensive and diverse overview. This book, as an effort made to enhance understanding among different cultures and facilitate the harmonious coexistence of people across the world, is remarkably helpful for promoting the research of diplomatic protocol and etiquette, exploring the true connotation of protocol and etiquette, and improving its practicality in realities.

United States Protocol

United States Protocol

Author: Mary Mel Ambassador French

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers

ISBN: 9781442203211

Category: Reference

Page: 472

View: 311

Ambassador Mary French uses her personal experience as a former Chief of Protocol to give us the most up-to-date and user-friendly guide to diplomatic protocol at the international, national, and state level. She includes meticulous instructions, in-depth diagrams and tables, a comprehensive table of contents, and a plethora of examples that make United States Protocol the perfect guide to any official event.

An Expert's Guide to International Protocol

An Expert's Guide to International Protocol

Author: Gilbert Monod de Froideville


ISBN: 9462981051

Category: Business etiquette

Page: 297

View: 484

Although modern life grows increasingly casual, in many sectors, protocol still reigns supreme. An Expert's Guide to International Protocol offers an overview of its associated practices, including those found within the context of diplomatic relations and the business world. Focusing on a wide range of countries and cultures, the book covers topics like seating arrangements, the history and use of flags, ceremonies, invitations and dress codes, and gifts and decorations. Throughout, influential diplomatic, business, cultural, and sports figures share their own experiences with protocols around the world.



Author: Pauline B. Innis

Publisher: Durban House Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: UCSC:32106017321263

Category: Reference

Page: 457

View: 286

The Complete Handbook of Diplomatic, Official and Social Usage. Known as the Bible or Red Book of Protocol.

Protocol Matters

Protocol Matters

Author: Sandra Boswell

Publisher: Canon Press & Book Service

ISBN: 9781591280255

Category: Etiquette for children and teenagers

Page: 250

View: 588

Etiquette and protocol are ways of showing Christian love and kindness in small ways. With an easy, engaging style and lots of helpful details, Sandra Boswell outlines the meaning and purpose of protocol education, and describes ways of practicing it in the home and at school. She draws on her experience from the successful Logos School protocol program to guide the reader through all the basic protocol topics - table settings and foods, social skills, personal grooming, appropriate dress, and more. This book is a must-read for parents who wish to recover the "social graces" for the next generation of believers.



Author: Capricia Penavic Marshall

Publisher: Ecco

ISBN: 0062844466

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 336

View: 308

President Obama's former White House chief of protocol looks at why etiquette and diplomacy matter--and what they can do for you. History often appears to consist of big gestures and dramatic shifts. But for every peace treaty signed, someone set the stage and provided the pen. As social secretary to the Clintons for eight years, and more recently as chief of protocol under President Obama, Capricia Penavic Marshall has not just borne witness to history, she facilitated it. For Marshall, diplomacy runs on the invisible gesture: the micro moves that affect the macro shifts. Facilitation is power, and, more often than not, it is the key to effective diplomacy. In Protocol, Marshall draws on her experience working at the highest levels of government to show how she enabled interactions and maximized our country's relationships, all by focusing on the specifics of political, diplomatic, and cultural etiquette. By analyzing the lessons she's learned in more than two decades of welcoming world leaders to the United States and traveling abroad with presidents, first ladies, and secretaries of state, she demonstrates the complexity of human interactions and celebrates the power of detail and cultural IQ. From selecting the ideal room for each interaction to recognizing gestures and actions that might be viewed as controversial in other countries, Marshall brings us a master class in soft power. Protocol provides an unvarnished, behind-the-scenes look at politics and diplomacy from a unique perspective that also serves as an effective, accessible guide for anyone who wants to be empowered by the tools of diplomacy in work and everyday life.