Dissenting Views

Dissenting Views

Author: Joseph E. Green

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1456832956

Category: Fiction

Page: 182

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All of us, at some level, know that we are being lied to. Some people internalize it and go on with their daily lives. Some ignore it completely. And still others latch onto fatuous opinion-makers whose daily bread depends on the very system they purport to uncover. Obviously none of this is satisfactory. What we need is to understand how the world works, how systems of power operate, what motivates its operation, and where it all originated. Much of this book is concerned with what are often called conspiracy theories a label which, it is increasingly understood, is used to try and misdirect all thinking about these very concerns in relation to our own lives. For when one knows how the system truly operates, the only rational response is revolution. This collection of Joseph Greens published work includes articles on political assassinations (The JFK 1o-Point Program, The Open Assassination of Fred Hampton), historical analysis (Critique of an Apologia for Santa Claus), film (The Beginning is the End of the Beginning: Regarding Watchmen), and philosophy (The Elusive Universe.) From government propaganda to popular culture assuming that distinction even exists anymore every subject is treated in respect to its epistemological implications.

Constructing the Welfare State in the British Press

Constructing the Welfare State in the British Press

Author: Malgorzata Paprota

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 9781350125339

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 240

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Analysing political discourse in the British press during a time of crisis and austerity, this book examines how the concept of the welfare state has been constructed between 2008 and 2015. At a time when the financial crisis and government policies have put the welfare state under increased pressure, a corpus from four British newspapers from across the political spectrum - the Guardian, Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, and Daily Telegraph - is brought together to investigate the political debate on its evaluation and the ambiguity about its exact definition. Combining two theoretical approaches, Malgorzata Paprota outlines the figurative models and scenarios relevant to this element of the political system. The discourse-historical approach to discourse analysis is used to establish what the welfare state is, tracing the boundaries of the concept and which elements of political reality are explicitly associated with it. Conceptual metaphor theory is then used to explore the figurative conceptualisations of the welfare state. Together, this book shows the discursive construction, and shifting boundaries and metaphors, of the welfare state by the British press and its use in current political debates.

Teaching for Dissent

Teaching for Dissent

Author: Sarah Marie Stitzlein

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781317250920

Category: Political Science

Page: 208

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Teaching for Dissent looks at the implications of new forms of dissent for educational practice. The reappearance of dissent in political meetings and street protests opens new possibilities for improved democratic life and citizen participation. This book argues that this possibility will not be fulfilled if schools do not cultivate the skills necessary for our citizens to engage in political dissent. The authors look at how practices in schools, such as the testing regime and the 'hidden curriculum', suppress students' ability to voice ideas that stand in opposition to the status quo. Teaching for Dissent calls for a realignment of the curriculum and the practices of schooling with a guiding vision of democratic participation.