Living in the Flesh by the Spirit

Living in the Flesh by the Spirit

Author: Brian H. Thomas

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 9781532665455

Category: Religion

Page: 262

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What does Paul mean by “the flesh”? There is a great deal of confusion among laymen and disagreement among scholars on this issue. Christians know that we are supposed to “walk by the Spirit” so that they will not gratify the desires of the flesh, but it is not entirely clear what these expressions mean. Furthermore, Paul can also be confusing when he addresses the Christian’s relationship to the flesh—are we in the flesh or not? This book clarifies these issues for us by exploring the different meanings of “flesh” throughout the Bible, and analyzing the influence both of Old Testament conceptions of “flesh” as well as new salvation-historical realities on Paul’s thinking, especially in the context of the controversy over circumcision in Galatians. By carefully following Paul’s thought, we will also gain greater insight into other Pauline themes that intersect with his theology of the flesh: new creation and his view of this age and the one to come. Most importantly, we will discover Paul’s own program for our spiritual transformation so that we may live a life of Christlike love and service despite the moral weakness of our flesh.

Worship and Congregational Singing

Worship and Congregational Singing

Author: David Neu


ISBN: 9781365010187

Category: Religion

Page: 578

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"This book constitutes the author's effort to provide a biblical foundation for answers to questions regarding congregational singing. The present work is broader in scope than the author's smaller book, Volumes of Praise for a Vanishing God, and unlike the earlier volume, contains full documentation and end-notes, many of which pursue topics of interest that are mentioned only briefly in the text proper. Each chapter of this book ends with a brief list of questions to spur further study and discussion. It is hoped that this book may be useful as a text for a seminary course on congregational singing, a course that the author believes to be great need for the church of the twenty-first century. Special attention is given to the issues raised in the "music wars" of the past fifty years."



Author: Jon Torres

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.

ISBN: 9781644922002

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

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Raised by a wealthy European couple in Bayville, New York, Zane struggled in his toddler and teen years with the nihilist philosophy on the meaningless of life because death was the ultimate result. With these thoughts gradually building a suicidal mind-set, Zane searched high and low for answers and sought the importance of life if there was one. Growing up, he had been conditioned by an Israeli soldier hired by his parents to train him in the arts of Krav Maga to ward off bullies and enemies during his school years. However, this would prove to become his biggest hurdle. After being denied truth from his own parents, he rebelled against them intellectually; and after inheriting a fortune from their wealth after their deaths, he used it to build a church after coming to faith. Being accused by many Christian leaders of being a false teacher for his faith-only stances, a man was sent to address him in person. He later failed to lay his life down for the crown given to those who did. Also discovering the truth of his origins, he then realized there were more answers that needed to be sought. Although he still maintained his philosophy that life was truly meaningless, instead of seeking death without purpose, he now sought death with purpose and chose to embark on his journey for martyrdom, redemption, truth, and another shot at the crown of life.