3 AM Questions

3 AM Questions

Author: Annika Zimmermann

Publisher: MVG Münchner Verlagsgruppe

ISBN: 9783969051467

Category: Self-Help

Page: 352

View: 723

Identität, Beziehungen, Traurigkeit, Leben und Erfolg – das sind wohl die wichtigsten Dinge, über die man nachdenken muss, wenn man sein Glück oder auch nur einen Sinn im Leben finden will. Manchmal erkennen wir erst spät, welche Auswirkungen bestimmte Dinge auf uns haben. Die richtigen Fragen zu stellen ist ein Schlüssel zur Selbsterkenntnis, der es uns erlaubt, unsere Situation und unsere Gedanken ebenso wie unsere Handlungen und Entscheidungen zu jedem Zeitpunkt zu hinterfragen. Dieses Buch versammelt 333 tiefgründige Fragen, die dabei helfen können, zu neuen Erkenntnissen und Einsichten zu gelangen. Diese Fragen sind ein Wegweiser zu erstaunlichen Gesprächen, um Dinge aus einer neuen Perspektive zu betrachten und sich vielleicht auch selbst einen guten Rat zu geben. Das Buch kann bei wichtigen Entscheidungen behilflich sein und lässt einen die eigene Realität ganz neu erfahren.

Astrology and Love Life

Astrology and Love Life

Author: Mahan Vir Tulli

Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd

ISBN: 8120719212


Page: 156

View: 991

This book deciphers the intricacies of the compatibility of zodiac signs, the attraction between people of diverse temperaments and what leads to romantic alliances and conjugal ties.

The Love Life

The Love Life

Author: Davison Kanokanga

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477222170

Category: Religion

Page: 172

View: 218

This book is an excellent tool for those wanting a healthy relationship with themselves and with others. It will teach you how to overcome different types of sexual temptation, how to deal with stress and grief, how to avoid fatal attractions, how to manage your finances as well as how to have healthy relationships. It is a must have.

Woman, Her Sex and Love Life

Woman, Her Sex and Love Life

Author: William J. Robinson

Publisher: 谷月社


Category: Body, Mind & Spirit


View: 133

Chapter One THE PARAMOUNT NEED OF SEX KNOWLEDGE FOR GIRLS AND WOMEN Chapter Two THE FEMALE SEX ORGANS: THEIR ANATOMY SUBCHAPTER A THE INTERNAL SEX ORGANS SUBCHAPTER B THE EXTERNAL GENITALS SUBCHAPTER C THE PELVIS FOOTNOTES: Chapter Three THE PHYSIOLOGY OF THE FEMALE SEX ORGANS SUBCHAPTER A FUNCTION OF THE OVARIES SUBCHAPTER B FUNCTION OF THE OTHER GENITAL ORGANS SUBCHAPTER C THE ORGASM SUBCHAPTER D THE SECONDARY SEX CHARACTERS FOOTNOTES: Chapter Four THE SEX INSTINCT Chapter Five PUBERTY Chapter Six MENSTRUATION Chapter Seven ABNORMALITIES OF MENSTRUATION Chapter Eight THE HYGIENE OF MENSTRUATION Chapter Nine FECUNDATION OR FERTILIZATION FOOTNOTES: Chapter Ten PREGNANCY FOOTNOTES: Chapter Eleven THE DISORDERS OF PREGNANCY Chapter Twelve WHEN TO ENGAGE A PHYSICIAN Chapter Thirteen THE SIZE OF THE FETUS Chapter Fourteen THE AFTERBIRTH (PLACENTA) AND CORD Chapter Fifteen LACTATION OR NURSING Chapter Sixteen ABORTION AND MISCARRIAGE Chapter Seventeen PRENATAL CARE Chapter Eighteen THE MENOPAUSE OR CHANGE OF LIFE Change of Life in Men Chapter Nineteen THE HABIT OF MASTURBATION Chapter Twenty LEUCORRHEA—THE WHITES Chapter Twenty-one THE VENEREAL DISEASES FOOTNOTES: Chapter Twenty-two THE EXTENT OF VENEREAL DISEASE Chapter Twenty-three GONORRHEA Chapter Twenty-four VULVOVAGINITIS IN LITTLE GIRLS Chapter Twenty-five SYPHILIS Chancroids Chapter Twenty-six THE CURABILITY OF VENEREAL DISEASE Chapter Twenty-seven VENEREAL PROPHYLAXIS Chapter Twenty-eight ALCOHOL, SEX AND VENEREAL DISEASE Chapter Twenty-nine MARRIAGE AND GONORRHEA Chapter Thirty MARRIAGE AND SYPHILIS Chapter Thirty-one WHO MAY AND WHO MAY NOT MARRY Tuberculosis Heart Disease Cancer Exophthalmic Goiter (Basedow's Disease) Obesity Arteriosclerosis Gout Mumps Hemophilia, or Bleeders' Disease Anemia Epilepsy Hysteria Alcoholism Feeblemindedness Insanity Neuroses—Neurasthenia—Psychasthenia—Neuropathy—Psychopathy Drug Addiction or Narcotism Consanguineous Marriages Homosexuality Sadism Masochism Sexual Impotence Frigidity Excessive Libido in Men Excessive Libido in Women Harelip Myopia Astigmatism Baldness Criminality Pauperism Chapter Thirty-two BIRTH CONTROL OR THE LIMITATION OF OFFSPRING Contraceptive Measures A Few Everyday Cases FOOTNOTES: Chapter Thirty-three ADVICE TO GIRLS APPROACHING THE THRESHOLD OF WOMANHOOD Chapter Thirty-four ADVICE TO PARENTS OF UNFORTUNATE GIRLS Chapter Thirty-five SEXUAL RELATIONS DURING MENSTRUATION Chapter Thirty-six SEXUAL INTERCOURSE DURING PREGNANCY Chapter Thirty-seven SEXUAL INTERCOURSE FOR PROPAGATION ONLY Chapter Thirty-eight VAGINISMUS ADHERENT CLITORIS OR PHIMOSIS Chapter Thirty-nine STERILITY Chapter Forty THE HYMEN Chapter Forty-one IS THE ORGASM NECESSARY FOR IMPREGNATION? Chapter Forty-two FRIGIDITY IN WOMEN Chapter Forty-three ADVICE TO FRIGID WOMEN, PARTICULARLY WIVES Chapter Forty-four RAPE Chapter Forty-five THE SINGLE STANDARD OF SEXUAL MORALITY Disastrous Effects of Wrong Teachings Chapter Forty-six DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MAN'S AND WOMAN'S SEX AND LOVE LIFE Choice Between Physical and Spiritual Love Love in Man Occupies Subordinate Place Polygamous Tendencies in Man Chapter Forty-seven MATERNAL IMPRESSIONS Chapter Forty-eight ADVICE TO THE MARRIED AND THOSE ABOUT TO BE Chapter Forty-nine A RATIONAL DIVORCE SYSTEM Outsiders in Domestic Tangles Chapter Fifty WHAT IS LOVE? FOOTNOTES: Chapter Fifty-one JEALOUSY AND HOW TO COMBAT IT Causes of Jealousy Chapter Fifty-two REMEDIES FOR JEALOUSY Chapter Fifty-three CONCLUDING WORDS

Love Life

Love Life

Author: Zeruya Shalev

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 9780802199294

Category: Fiction

Page: 308

View: 314

Israel’s provocative #1 bestseller from the author of Pain. In “a hybrid–Last Tango in Paris meets Story of O . . . Shalev deconstructs sexual longing” (Darcey Steinke, author of Flash Count Diary). Hailed by The New York Times Book Review as a novel that “broke all the barriers . . . sexually explicit yet dense with biblical allusions and psychological insight,” Love Life unbuttoned Hebrew literature and spent four months as Israel’s number one bestseller. What begins as a story of a young married woman’s turbulent affair with an older man rapidly devolves into a feverish, lyrical crash course in the anatomy of obsession. When Yaara meets Aryeh, her father’s boyhood friend, she is instantly drawn to his impassive and archly assured presence. It is not long before she forsakes her devoted and well-meaning husband for the powerful, mysterious older man who seems to embody all that she lacks: will, strength, and the key to her parents’ inaccessible pasts. They embark on a heated affair that soon spirals toward the destructive as Yaara finds that the things in Aryeh that attract her also repel her with equal intensity. With shocking immediacy, Shalev lays bare Yaara’s struggle to navigate extreme terrain ranging from the sublime to the grotesque, the sacred to the profane, the liberating to the all-consuming. Love Life is cerebral, seductive, provocative, and profound. “Shalev . . . outdoes Erica Jong with outrageously sensuous, often humiliating situations described by a narrator who acts as if she has lost her sanity while commenting wryly, even perceptively, on her own misdeeds.”—Publishers Weekly “Love Life is a lucid feverish dream . . . disturbingly brilliant.”—Tubantia (Holland)

Harding, His Presidency and Love Life Reappraised

Harding, His Presidency and Love Life Reappraised

Author: S. Joseph Krause

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781491819050

Category: Political Science

Page: 420

View: 274

The general opinion of Warren Harding is that he has been justly ranked as the Worst of our Presidents, based largely on the corruption that was brought to light after his death. The truth is, however, that he had no personal involvement in any of the scandals perpetrated by members of his Administration, some of whom, like Jess Smith, an unofficial aid to the Attorney General, engaged in notorious grafting that often netted six figure rewards. Harding, by contrast, died a debtor. Neither a lawyer or general, Harding, head of a rural Ohio newspaper, was not considered an appropriate candidate for high office, no less the Presidency. But an awareness of shortcomings, lead to his making a studious effort to overcome them-- successfully, as recorded by leading reporters like William Allen White. As spelled out in this book, there is much to be said on the positive side of Hardings Presidency. Due recognition is given to his accomplishments. In his first year in office, for example he convened a Disarmament Conference and got Congress to ratify the Four Nation Treaty to reduce naval armament. He also created the Bureau of the Budget. Early on, a New York Times story was headlined Harding Assumes Real Leadership as Congress lags. In contrast to his performance as President, handsome Warren was beset by a sex addiction that lead to numerous infidelities, the principal ones being with Carrie Phillips, wife of a friend, and Nan Britton, a hometown admiring young lady, 31 years his junior. Nans memoir of an affair which blossomed into love covered the last six years of Hardings life. Though generally mentioned, and equally suppressed, its intimate content, is, herewith for the first time set forth in detail that reveals a crucial aspect of Hardings oft mentioned love life.

Biotechnology and Development

Biotechnology and Development

Author: Sachin Chaturvedi

Publisher: Academic Foundation

ISBN: 817188346X

Category: Political Science

Page: 334

View: 170

Biotechnology Is At The Heart Of Technology Revolution In Asia Today With Immense Potential In The Pharmaceutical And Agriculture Sectors. This Study Covers Economic And Policy Issues And The Experiences In Biotechnology In Japan, India, Malaysia, The Phillipines, Korea, Bangladesh, Thailand, China And Singapore And Also The International Cooperative Strategies Of Asean And In Europe. This Book Is A Valuable Resource For Governments, Multilateral Institutions, Academics And Practitioners In The Field Of Economic Development And Technology Policy Management.

Families Love Life & Their Issues

Families Love Life & Their Issues

Author: Isaac Kelly

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781329879294

Category: Religion

Page: 66

View: 956

These stories are based on true events that are focused on families. They teach us that there are levels and dimensions to being believers. Although we are continuously evolving, growing and learning, life will test us even in the battlegrounds of our own minds. Through re-lationships with others, we must learn to mature, master and pass our greatest test with total wisdom, faith and obedience in God.