God's Marshall Plan

God's Marshall Plan

Author: James D. Strasburg

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780197516461

Category: History

Page: 304

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God's Marshall Plan tells the story of the American Protestants who sought to transform Germany into a new Christian and democratic nation in the heart of twentieth-century Europe. James D. Strasburg follows the American pastors, revivalists, diplomats, and spies who crossed the Atlantic in an era of world war, responded to the rise of totalitarian dictators, and began to identify Europe as a continent in need of saving. He examines their far-reaching campaigns to make Germany into the European cornerstone of a new American-led global spiritual order. God's Marshall Plan illuminates the dramatic ramifications of these efforts by showing how the mission to remake Germany in America's image actually remade American Protestantism itself. American Protestants realized they had come to dramatically different conclusions about how to rebuild the West out of the ruins of war. European Protestants, meanwhile, began to sharply protest America's spiritual advance. Forsaking their wartime nationalism, a growing number of ecumenical Protestants championed a new ethic of global fellowship, reconciliation, and justice. However, a fresh wave of evangelical Protestants emerged and ensured that the religious struggle would continue into the Cold War. Strasburg argues that the spiritual struggle for Europe ultimately forged two competing visions of global engagement Christian nationalism and Christian globalism that transformed the United States, diplomacy, and politics in the Cold War and beyond.

God's Politicians

God's Politicians

Author: Graham Dale

Publisher: Harpercollins Pub Limited

ISBN: UVA:X004668123

Category: Political Science

Page: 269

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Tracing the history of the Labour Party through 100 years since its inception, this book focuses on the pivotal figures whose faith in God has motivated and moulded their politics. Many of these men and women fought against the prevailing attitudes of their day to bring greater dignity to ordinary people through workers' rights, the women's suffrage movement, education and health care.

Church and World in the Plan of God

Church and World in the Plan of God

Author: Charles MacDonald

Publisher: Frankfurt am Main : P. Lang

ISBN: OSU:32435087614236

Category: Church

Page: 190

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Yves Congar's work is most often associated with ecclesiology and ecumenism. Here his copious writings are examined for his thought on history and eschatology. The historical situation of the Church -between the synagogue and the Kingdom- is found to be a central concern for Congar, just as it has been a recurring theme for French theologians since more than half a century. Each stage of Congar's development is recounted and critically examined. There emerges an account that sheds light on neglected aspects of Congar's theology. The work also adds to the chronicle of the development of modern theology."

One Nation Under God

One Nation Under God

Author: James P. Moore

Publisher: Doubleday Books

ISBN: UOM:39015062870905

Category: History

Page: 519

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This work of tremendous breadth and depth offers a new and revealing look at how Americans throughout history have viewed themselves, their place in the world, and their relationship with God.

The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God

The American Empire and the Commonwealth of God

Author: David Ray Griffin

Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

ISBN: STANFORD:36105114446276

Category: Philosophy

Page: 188

View: 151

In this book, four distinguished scholars level a powerful critique of the rapid expansion of the emerging American empire and its oppressive and destructive political, military, and economic policies. Arguing that a global Pax Americana is internationally disastrous, the authors demonstrate how America's imperialism inevitably leads to rampant irreversible ecological devastation, expanding military force for imperialistic purposes, and a grossly inequitable distribution of goods--all leading to the diminished well-being of human communities.