Holy Living and Dying - Together with Prayers

Holy Living and Dying - Together with Prayers

Author: Jeremy Taylor


ISBN: 1528715454

Category: Religion

Page: 592

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"The Rule and Exercises of Holy Living and Holy Dying" is the collective title of two books by Jeremy Taylor. Published in 1650 and 1651, "Holy Living" aims to teach the reader how to lead a virtuous life, while "Holy Dying" provides instructions on how to prepare for a Christian death. This volume covers such topics as time management, self-control, social networking, and personal accountability in a guide that will be useful to Christians and non-Christians alike. Contents include: "Consideration of the General Instruments and Means Serving to a Holy Life, by Way of Introduction", "Of Christian Sobriety", "Of Christian Justice", "Of Christian Religion", etc. Jeremy Taylor (1613-1667) was a Church of England cleric who became famous as an author during the Protectorate of Oliver Cromwell. Also known as the "Shakespeare of Divines" for his poetic style, he is hailed as being among the greatest prose writers in the English language.