Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage, Third Edition

Encyclopedia of African-American Heritage, Third Edition

Author: Susan Altman

Publisher: Infobase Holdings, Inc

ISBN: 9781438182469

Category: History

Page: 396

View: 484

Praise for the previous edition: "Every reference library...should have a copy...Highly recommended." —Book Report "...a useful, dependable, and attractive encyclopedia." —American Reference Books Annual Now in its third edition, this highly acclaimed and comprehensive reference offers a wealth of information on African-American history, politics, and culture. Chronicling more than a millennium of history, the encyclopedia traces the rich and varied tapestry woven by Africans—from those who remained on their ancestral continent to those who were forced to leave their homes and begin again in a new land. Coverage includes: People: scientists, civil rights leaders, artists, explorers, politicians, athletes, and key figures in ancient African history Places: nations and major cities of Africa, as well as former empires and kingdoms Culture: the Harlem Renaissance, jazz, the Negro Baseball League, rhythm and blues, calypso, and rap Politics: key political groups, movements, and events, including the voting rights struggle in the United States and the victory of the African National Congress over apartheid in South Africa History: major events of the African-American past, including slavery and resistance to it, the abolitionist and civil rights movements, Reconstruction, and Pan-Africanism.

The African-American Heritage Word Search Puzzle Book

The African-American Heritage Word Search Puzzle Book

Author: Pamela Hamilton

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9780595483051

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 70

View: 508

There's just too much black history to think you could ever know enough. Did you ever think that African-American history began in America? Ever wonder about the thousands of years when African Kings and Queens ruled vast empires and kingdoms with wealth beyond measure? Ever wonder why the enslavement of African people was so successful? Never be too sure you know the answer to that question. Sure, you've heard of the Underground Railroad, but what about the Middle Passage? How much do you know about HBCUs, the Divine Nine, or the Harlem Renaissance? Did you ever think about just how many black actors, athletes, comedians, composers, dancers, and writers there are? Did you know that there were organizations specifically for black cardiologists, dentists, film makers, lawyers, journalists, physicists, pilots, publishers, psychiatrists, stock brokers, and many other professions? After reading the 6 essays and completing the 25 puzzles in this book, you will find yourself wanting to know more and creating your own topics and categories. Why? Because . There's just too much black history to think you could ever know enough.

American Heritage History of the United States

American Heritage History of the United States

Author: Douglas Brinkley

Publisher: New Word City

ISBN: 9781612308579

Category: History

Page: 1007

View: 100

"Douglas Brinkley and American Heritage have done a grand job. This is a first-rate book: fair, clear, and enormously welcome." - David McCullough "Douglas Brinkley's one-volume history is a riveting narrative of unique people who have come to call themselves American. There is no dust on these pages as the author brilliantly tells our national story with skill and brevity." In this rich and inspiring book, acclaimed historian Douglas Brinkley takes us on the incredible journey of the United States - a nation formed from a vast countryside on whose fringes thirteen small British colonies fought for their freedom, then established a democratic nation that spanned the continent, and went on to become a world power. This book will be treasured by anyone interested in the story of America.

The American Heritage Abbreviations Dictionary

The American Heritage Abbreviations Dictionary


Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN: 0618249524

Category: Reference

Page: 308

View: 449

An updated edition of current acronyms, abbreviations, and Americanisms includes some 19,000 entries that encompass a wide range of blends, clippings, foreign words, initialisms, numericals, and truncations.