My Dream Book

My Dream Book

Author: Lisa Boyd

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 9781615662647

Category: Self-Help

Page: 293

View: 542

Are you living the life of your dreams? If you knew the road to success would begin the moment you documented your dreams, would you take that first step toward the journey? Like the key to a treasure chest, the door to your life aspirations can be unlocked using the keys offered by author Lisa Boyd in My Dream Book, which is filled with guided activities, journal pages, vision pages, and much morea "pages designed to lead and empower you to discover your passion for living, enabling you to live the life of your dreams. In your hands you hold a powerful tool for bringing your lifelong dreams to life. Dare to imagine the impossible. This is a dream book after all!

The Dream Book

The Dream Book

Author: Helen Barolini

Publisher: Syracuse University Press

ISBN: 0815606621

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 416

View: 479

Drawing on rare sources and archival material, Helen Barolini has here collected 56 works by Italian American women writers. The volume features: prose, poetry, one play and a large section of fiction.

The Jewish Dream Book

The Jewish Dream Book

Author: Vanessa L. Ochs

Publisher: Jewish Lights Publishing

ISBN: 9781580231329

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 107

View: 955

Explores the Bible, Talmud, and other rabbinic sources to help readers to understand the meanings of dreams, describing the Jewish traditions of dream interpretation and ancient dream practices. Original. $15,000 ad/promo.

The World Dream Book

The World Dream Book

Author: Sarvananda Bluestone

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781594775567

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 264

View: 804

A unique self-help guide to dream interpretation using techniques and icons from cultures around the world. • Challenges the assumption that all symbols universally signify the same thing to all dreamers. • Includes numerous stories, games, and exercises for inducing, recalling, interpreting, and utilizing dreams. • Extends beyond Jung and Freud to include dream theory from numerous world cultures, including the Temiar of Malaya, the African Ibans, the Lepchka of the Himalayas, and the Ute of North America. Dreaming can be used as a tool for understanding our own consciousness, enhancing creativity, receiving visions, conquering fears, interpreting recent events, healing the body, and evolving the soul. Tapping into the vast dreaming experiences and lore of the world's cultures--from the Siwa people of the Libyan desert to the Naskapi Indians of Labrador--Sarvananda Bluestone challenges the assumption that all symbols universally signify the same thing to all dreamers. The World Dream Book encourages readers to develop their own, personalized symbols for understanding their consciousness and provides a series of stories, multicultural techniques, and games to help them do so. Playful explorations, such as the aboriginal "Sipping the Water of the Moon," teach how to induce, recall, interpret, and utilize the power of dreams. Readers will discover how a stone under a pillow can help us remember a dream and will explore their own dormant artist and writer as they reclaim the power of their sleeping consciousness. Sarvananda Bluestone applies his uniquely engaging style to demonstrate that, with a few simple tools, everybody has the capacity to unleash their full dreaming potential.

Uncover Your Dream Book

Uncover Your Dream Book

Author: Monica Leonelle

Publisher: Spaulding House

ISBN: 9781635660142

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 126

View: 971

The Book of Your Wildest Dreams is Already Written—You Just Need to Uncover It You write blog posts, create videos, post on social media, and stream live as often as you can. You sell out masterminds, retreats, and workshops. You pitch those podcasts, collect those interviews, and land those speaking opportunities. You get real results for your clients in your one-on-ones and group programs. You have an intelligent body of work and no one does business and coaching quite like you. Did you know that all this content could go toward something… well, bigger? You are an expert in your field and it’s time to take your message to the world in a new and exciting way… a book! But how do you do it? How do you take all of your knowledge and put it into a book structure? How do you incorporate your personal story while still sharing as much information as you possibly can? Most coaches think that writing a book is a lot of hard work. They’re not wrong. But did you know that if you’ve been making regular marketing efforts for six months or more, you might have a massive head start that you didn’t realize? A book is a container with four buckets. In Uncover Your Dream Book, we look at your personal story and go deep with the exact bullets you need to hit to resonate with your perfect audience. Next, we take a full inventory of the content you’ve written, spoken, and taught and drop it into the perfect bucket. Finally, we add in the high-conversion stuff, like client transformation stories, life-changing exercises, journaling questions, psychological triggers, and more to make sure your book is having massive impact on your readers and potential clients. When we are done, you’ll have huge clarity around exactly how your book can unfold. Best of all, you won’t be staring at a blank page—in fact, you may even have a first draft of your book!

The Dream Book

The Dream Book

Author: Stephanie Schureman

Publisher: Destiny Image Publishers

ISBN: 9780768419597

Category: Religion

Page: 272

View: 982

What is God saying through your dreams? Your dreams are a unique opportunity to hear from Heaven. While you sleep, daily distractions are absent, creating a space for God to speak. In the night, God intertwines heavenly messages and details from your life into a meaningful, storied tapestry. These divinely woven dreams may offer wisdom, bestow comfort, or inspire courage. This beginners guide to dream interpretation will show you how to: Interpret your dreams using Scripture and the Holy Spirits guidance, even when dreams are embarrassing or frightening. Capture your dreams in a dream journal. Expand your creative ability by learning to "catch" heavenly treasure from dreams. Understand the meanings behind nightmares. Learn what to do when you experience dj Vu. Discover your own personal code language with God. You have been given access to Gods supernatural voice. Learn to unlock the language of dreams and visions, and take hold of Gods special words for you!

The Mother-to-Be's Dream Book

The Mother-to-Be's Dream Book

Author: Ra?na M. Paris

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9780446562935

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 187

View: 652

In the rich, revealing dreams of pregnancy both the mother and father-to-be can discover a lot about their baby - before it is born! This text includes information on dreams common for each trimester and a special glossary of what everything means.

A Czech Dreambook

A Czech Dreambook

Author: Ludvík Vaculík

Publisher: Charles University in Prague, Karolinum Press

ISBN: 9788024638522

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 577

It’s 1979 in Czechoslovakia, ten years into the crushing restoration of repressive communism known as normalization, and Ludvík Vaculík has writer’s block. It has been nearly a decade since he wrote his last novel, and even longer since he wrote the 1968 manifesto, "Two Thousand Words,” which the Soviet Union used as one of the pretexts for invading Czechoslovakia. On the advice of a friend, Vaculík begins to keep a diary: "a book about things, people and events.” Fifty-four weeks later, what Vaculík has written is a unique mixture of diary, dream journal, and outright fiction – an inverted roman à clef in which the author, his family, his mistresses, the secret police and leading figures of the Czech underground play major roles.

The Dreambook of Skyler Dread

The Dreambook of Skyler Dread

Author: Jason Murk

Publisher: Oscura Press

ISBN: 9780978628314


Page: 112

View: 965

The Dreambook of Skyler Dread is a storybook-tale set in India shortly after the death of Queen Victoria. Illustrated with vintage 1890s lithographs collaged with contemporary comicbook panels, this is the story of the alien conquest of the Earth. Skyler Dread is a mesmerist who tries to avert the Earth's destruction, and he fails in the end. Because - see it as one of those shoot-'em-up monster kinematoscope movies - an alien menace attacks from outer space. Sure, that's the plot. And there are nice special effects too. But it's a shoot-'em-up monster kinematoscope movie set in the early Edwardian era, in the scientific age of wonder and futility. Horses are still the primary mode of transportation, the internal combustion engine still isn't trusted. Our technology is no match for the alien technology. Face it, we lose. There are perhaps love stories, romances, but they don't last. Because how can they? The aliens win, the aliens attack with overwhelming technology. There's no hope for Skyler Dread or his sideburn'd scientific colleagues to withstand the aliens, no, not even if they're members of the Indian-Subcontinent Society of Amateur Scientists, men whose enthusiasms include theosophy, amateur theatricals, and flannel waistcoats. Scientists whose moustaches cover half their whole faces in the reigning style. No, and even with these moustaches they lose. No, the odds are insurmountable and the aliens win. Skyler Dread's experiments with dreams & mesmerism & his amber hookah full of potent hash fails to save the day, even though they were humanity's last hope.



Author: Sebastian

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 9781504319430

Category: Fiction

Page: 342

View: 382

“Now come the Shapers of the ancient days To change all to dust or gold. Like a golden Sun is revealed by the passing Clouds, so these secrets now unfold.” DreamBook shares the mythology of The Prooimia, a tale of a little girl who meets an Ælve queen and is told that a son with great power would be incarnated through her. The Prooimia continues into her adult life, and regales with stories about her translocation inside of trees, her encounter with the Hobgoblin Horde, the death of her husband, and her abduction and encounter with a Wolvlinga. This encounter leads to a great battle between four Ælves and thousands of Waelwulfas, Kwizir and Melchizedecks. DreamBook also contains The Book after the Prooimia – Jaddamiah Jabberwocky. The story continues with a certain Jaddamiah Jabberwocky, who sets off from the same village as Hyperion (the little girl from The Prooimia), to fight the Meline Dragon with a glaive that is not his own, in a town he has never been to. It is a most fascinating tale, filled with magickal creatures, monsters and dwarves, a dragon, nymphs and dryads. It speaks of dwhëels who save the day and climaxes with the Battle of qêl Dmâ, where thousands are slain and the sibling shapeshifters – Búbgaz ‘the Destroyer’ and Búbkalu ‘he who makes those who run stand still’ – exact the will of their Bele Kaadom ‘he who overpowers with doom’. More importantly, it is a tale of the mighty power of the Ælves. The Ælves!