Small-Scale Silversmithing

Small-Scale Silversmithing

Author: F J Whitelaw

Publisher: The Crowood Press

ISBN: 9781785006180

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 112

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Silversmithing is an exciting and developing craft, which combines traditional techniques with contemporary design and technology. This practical book introduces the craft with a guide to the workshop and its tools, then emphasises the importance of drawing and design before explaining key techniques and showing how they can be used in clearly illustrated projects. By keeping the individual pieces small, it explains a range of skills that can be developed and combined to make more adventurous items. It discusses transforming silver sheets or rods into three-dimensional shapes using sinking, raising and forging techniques. It teaches how to silver solder and attach handles to the rounded body of a bowl and create well-fitting seams. Nine projects illustrate the techniques in use and include making spoons, round boxes, hinged lids, drinker beakers and candlesticks.

Burmese Silver Art: Masterpieces Illuminating Buddhist, Hindu and Mythological Stories of Purpose and Wisdom

Burmese Silver Art: Masterpieces Illuminating Buddhist, Hindu and Mythological Stories of Purpose and Wisdom

Author: David C. Owens

Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International Asia Pte Ltd

ISBN: 9789814893503

Category: Design


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Burmese master silversmiths produced a magnificent body of work from the mid-19th to the early 20th centuries – the Burmese Silver Age. This aesthetic and functional work is characterized by a unique decorative style and superb technical artistry. Many of the artefacts are embellished with mysterious visual narratives drawn from ancient religious and mythological sources, communicating spiritual beliefs and values that resonate to this day. Burmese silverwork is a distinct and little-known genre of silver art. This book tackles this obscurity by illuminating and describing for the first time 100 Burmese silver artefacts in a stunning photographic gallery. This silverwork – from the Noble Silver Collection – represents some of the rarest and finest quality work from the Burmese Silver Age. The centrepiece gallery of silverwork masterpieces is bookended by two well-illustrated and informative chapters that provide readers with deeper insights into Burmese silverwork: a robust frame of reference chapter summarises the 2,000-year history and cultural tradition of Burmese silverwork; and a chapter following the gallery deciphers the complex and allegorical iconography of the decoration, which gives the reader a deeper appreciation of its religious and cultural meaning and origin. This book captures the great, almost mystical, allure of Burmese silverwork – from the sublime artistry of the decoration, to the extraordinary skill of the silversmith and the profound meaning and importance of the visual narratives. In doing so, Burmese Silver Art takes its place as a definitive reference work for any art historian, collector, expert, student, or general reader interested in this hitherto-overlooked body of noble art.

Art in Small-scale Societies

Art in Small-scale Societies

Author: Richard L. Anderson

Publisher: Pearson

ISBN: UOM:39015013188001

Category: Art

Page: 248

View: 215

4e de couv.: Using information from many in-depth fieldwork studies of hunter-gatherer, horticultural, and pastoral peoples from around the world, this book provides a comprehensive account of the major questions regarding art in its cultural context. Anderson presents art not as exotic-looking museum pieces, but as aesthetically powerful artifacts that play vital roles in the social, intellectual, and affective lives of the people who make and use them. Second edition features: Discusses the distinguishing features of small-scale societies - and the problems of calling them "primitive." Integrates recent research findings from gender study, developmental psychology, and aesthetics. Increases attention to the visual styles of the major art producing regions of the non-Western world. Includes a "portfolio" in each chapter that focuses on the art of a particular people or area. Throughout, the book features case studies, numerous illustrations, and chapter-by-chapter guides to additional reading

American Rococo, 1750-1775

American Rococo, 1750-1775

Author: Morrison H. Heckscher

Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art

ISBN: 9780870996313

Category: Decoration and ornament

Page: 306

View: 908

Published in conjunction with an exhibition organized by, and held at, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, this volume examines the American (i.e. British colonial) manifestations of the European rococo style. Following an introductory chapter, separate chapters are devoted to architecture, engravings, silver, and furniture, plus iron, glass, and porcelain grouped together as factory products. Illustrated are 173 objects (many in color) that are part of the exhibition, and some 50 related objects. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Useful Toil

Useful Toil

Author: Proffessor John Burnett

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781136151088

Category: History

Page: 377

View: 619

Useful Toil engages freshly and directly with the `ordinary' people of the nineteenth century. John Burnett has assembled twenty seven telling extracts from the diaries and autobiographies of working people - wheelwrights and stone-masons, miners and munition workers, butlers and kitchen maids, navvies, carpenters, potters and ship assistants to list only a few. The men and women who speak in these pages concentrate on their working experiences, though they also write about their homes and their fears. They thus reveal, often unconsciously, the essence of their attitudes, values and beliefs. Burnett's broad and sympathetic introductions focus and contextualise the wealth of material. These stories provide the antithesis of `great name' history, yet they constantly touch on human experiences that are timeless and universal.

The Craft of Silversmithing

The Craft of Silversmithing

Author: Alex Austin

Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.

ISBN: 1600591310

Category: Jewelry making

Page: 164

View: 341

Take a fresh look at the ancient craft of silversmithing with 18 projects that teach a solid body of skills. This full-color, comprehensive manual provides artisans with a thorough understanding of silver’s properties: what it is and how it behaves. Beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques are explained and then applied to craft amazingly beautiful items, from accessories to wearables and extraordinary gifts. Use brushing, sawing, piercing, and polishing procedures to fashion a simple bud vase. Progress to a baby rattle or candleholder created with soldering, sinking, dapping, and forging techniques. Ultimately you’ll have the expertise to complete a martini set, lidded container, or teapot. The art of silversmithing has never been easier or more enjoyable.



Author: Janet Koplos

Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press

ISBN: 9780807895832

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 544

View: 233

Here is the first comprehensive survey of modern craft in the United States. Makers follows the development of studio craft--objects in fiber, clay, glass, wood, and metal--from its roots in nineteenth-century reform movements to the rich diversity of expression at the end of the twentieth century. More than four hundred illustrations complement this chronological exploration of the American craft tradition. Keeping as their main focus the objects and the makers, Janet Koplos and Bruce Metcalf offer a detailed analysis of seminal works and discussions of education, institutional support, and the philosophical underpinnings of craft. In a vivid and accessible narrative, they highlight the value of physical skill, examine craft as a force for moral reform, and consider the role of craft as an aesthetic alternative. Exploring craft's relationship to fine arts and design, Koplos and Metcalf foster a critical understanding of the field and help explain craft's place in contemporary culture. Makers will be an indispensable volume for craftspeople, curators, collectors, critics, historians, students, and anyone who is interested in American craft.

Farewell Espana

Farewell Espana

Author: Howard M. Sachar

Publisher: Vintage

ISBN: 9780804150538

Category: Religion

Page: 464

View: 469

Farewell Espana transcends conventional historical narrative. With the lucidity and verve that have characterized his numerous earlier volumes, Howard Sachar breathes life into the leading dramatis personae of the Sephardic world: the royal counselors Samuel ibn Nagrela and Joseph Nasi, the poets Solomon ibn Gabirol and Judah Halevi, the philosophers Moses Maimonides and Baruch Spinoza, the statesmen Benjamin Disraeli and Pierre Mendes-France, the warriors Moshe Pijade and David Elazar, the fabulous charlatans David Reuveni and Shabbatai Zvi. In its breadth and richness of texture, Sachar's account sweeps to the contemporary era of Mussolini, Hitler, and Franco, poignantly traces the fate of Balkan Sephardic communities during the Holocaust -- and their revival in the Land and State of Israel. Not least of all, the author offers a tactile dimension of immediacy in his personal encounters with the storied venues and current personalities of the Sephardic world. Farewell Espana is a window opened on a glowing civilization once all but extinguished, and now flickering again into renewed creativity.