The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

Author: Charles Bronfman

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470501467

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 648

An honest assessment for how to determine your individual relationship with charitable giving in today's world From world-renowned philanthropists Charles Bronfman and Jeffrey Solomon of the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies comes a comprehensive guide on how to be a canny, street-smart, effective philanthropist, regardless of your income level. It is also a perfect companion for nonprofit program and development executives who would like to introduce donors to their work and their organizations. Despite their critical importance to philanthropy, donors have few resources for solid information about making their gifts-deciding what type of gift to give, how to structure it, the tax implications, what level of follow-up and transparency they should ask for and expect, and countless other complexities. This book fills that vacuum and helps you gain a special understanding of philanthropy as a business undertaking as well as a deeply personal, reflective process. Drawing on decades of experience, the authors offer a fresh, enlivening approach to the nonprofit enterprise that, too often, is undervalued and thought of as the province of the burnt-out and the overwhelmed. Along with its many candid insights and memorable anecdotes, The Art of Giving also offers instruction on how to create a business plan for giving that works for you.

Vishwasutras: Universal Principles for Living

Vishwasutras: Universal Principles for Living

Author: Vishwas Chavan

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 9781468581638

Category: Self-Help

Page: 182

View: 640

Surprised! We often hear about Kama Sutras, but never about Vishwa Sutras! What is Vishwa Sutra? Successful living in todays world requires following certain principles (sutras), which are universal and can be adapted by anyone. VishwaSutras is a collection of principles for successful living. These sutras were experienced by a now a science diplomat, who was born as a slum boy. In the beginning, he happened to stumble upon these sutras unknowingly, which transformed his life. Later, he took conscious decision to adopt them, which are helping him to climb the ladder of success. In our quest for successful life, positive aspirations and experiences can be self-enriching. Even a mere realization of who we are and our purpose in life can bring enormous sense of freedom and unbeatable energy and enthusiasm to achieve it. Vishwa Sutras will unfold ways of achieving your dreams. Vishwa Sutras aims to give you support, inspiration, and strategies to make your life a reflection of the authentic you. To help you define success on your own terms. To make sure youre moving forward, manifesting the big dreams and loving every minute of it. To celebrate life authentically and inspire others who dream success and happy living.

The Art of Giving

The Art of Giving

Author: Tabassum Nafsi


ISBN: 1736637991


Page: 22

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Childrens story book - A young boy turns 6 and receives an unusual gift from his mother on his birthday. The gift later shapes his life. An act of compassion. An act of kindness. A perfect story to teach young children about how to be kind and generous.

Dare to Say “I’M Happy”

Dare to Say “I’M Happy”

Author: Purnima L. Toolsidass

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 9781482887129

Category: Self-Help

Page: 120

View: 692

This is almost a booklet. It is written for the educated, discontented, and affluent people aged thirty and above. The ancient wisdom of the Vedas is presented in a modern, easily readable style with short chapters that lead the reader to valuable insights and better understanding about the self-made factors and perceptions that create unhappiness in their lives, in spite of having much to be grateful for. I have given the manuscript to young girls and young men, starting from fourteen years to older people of seventy, and their response was most encouraging. The readers were not restricted to Indian people or even people of Indian origin. I feel that this is one of the self-help books that will indeed make a difference to many lives. Purnima L. Toolsidass 6/1 Wood Street, Kolkata 700016 e-mail: [email protected]

The Social Production of Buddhist Compassion in Chinese Societies

The Social Production of Buddhist Compassion in Chinese Societies

Author: Khun Eng Kuah

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 9781000469035

Category: Social Science

Page: 200

View: 157

This book investigates and establishes a theoretical framework for the study of the social production of religious compassion in the era of shale modernity among Chinese communities in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. It argues that the production of Buddhist compassionate fields in the 21st century is a response to the rising social inequality and social needs of modern society. Religious compassion serves as an emotive force that propels the religious self and socio-religious groups to commit to the performance of acts of philanthropy that includes the delivery of welfare and care services, medical care, education and humanitarian aid. Through a combination of documentation analysis and anthropological research, the book examines the interconnectivity of reformist Buddhist teachings of compassion, charisma, gender and state in influencing the attitudes and actions of the sangha and Buddhist individuals in the production of Buddhist compassionate fields in a changing socio-economic landscape. It will be of interest to scholars from anthropology, sociology, religious studies and Asian studies.

Redemption from Addiction

Redemption from Addiction

Author: Gerard Jerry Egan

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1467834416

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 506

View: 293

There are awesome and powerful creative forces that can be fully tapped; that will absolutely unleash our dreams and hopes transforming them into a desired reality; or these very same forces will send us into the deepest darkest Hell we have ever known! If a person fails to understand that they have a huge responsibility to take full possession and control of this great creative power, then that failure to take this responsibility will always lead to these forces taking control of the person in an undesirable, destructive and potentially deadly manner. In other words opportunities and temptations to use drugs or alcohol will present themselves as a direct result of failing to take control of these forces or misusing their power! All addictions are a manifestation caused by the poor or improper use of these forces and powers! The very Powers that govern the ability for anyone to accomplish anything in their lives for their good; are the very same powers that can and will undermine and destroy those efforts! This book will give you the essential Eleven Powers and Eleven Arts that will enable you to change your life. The use of these Powers and Arts will enable you to take full control of not only your addiction, but provide endless opportunities to create and design an entire new Destiny! Addicts and alcoholics have inadvertently mastered the principles of success and use those very same concepts to assure their own failure and destruction! By forcing yourself to do what you dont want to do enables you to gain hold of and grasp these powerful forces and turn them in the direction of success instead of failure! Teach yourself and learn to direct the awesome creative forces within you and learn to turn your Possibilities into Probabilities!

The Two Truths about Love

The Two Truths about Love

Author: Jason B Fischer

Publisher: New Harbinger Publications

ISBN: 9781608825189

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 216

View: 555

Some relationships last, others fall apart, and still others seem to thrive and grow as the years go on. The Two Truths About Love is a guide to creating this third type of relationship—an extraordinary partnership wherein each partner feels fully accepted and loved as they are. Designed over the course of thousands of hours conducting face-to-face counseling sessions with clients, psychotherapist and former Buddhist monk Jason B. Fischer’s unique approach has already improved the lives of countless individuals and couples. The two secrets to creating extraordinary relationships are simple: partners must 1. Give permission for the other person to be who they truly are while also 2. Taking responsibility for their own reactions, behaviors, assumptions, and expectations of their partner and the relationship. This book gives readers the tools to start giving permission and taking responsibility in their own relationships and offers strategies for letting go of dissatisfaction and habitual conflicts. In short, accessible chapters, readers learn how to put these seemingly simple rules into practice to regain balance and peace in their partnerships.



Author: Rodney Sampson

Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.

ISBN: 9781936661237

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 357

While most know of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s sweeping dream of equality and freedom for all, what many do not realize is just how keenly focused he was on economic issues, particularly in his later years. Dr. King believed without economic opportunity, we do not have the chance to pursue happiness. It was, in fact, while planning the Poor People's March, a dramatic stand on economic issues, that his voice was forever silenced. In his final book, Dr. King posed the question, where do we go from here? The answer lies in Kingonomics, a 21st-century interpretation of his economic vision translated through the eyes of Dr. Rodney Sampson, a globally established economic innovator, business developer, and highly successful serial entrepreneur. With 12 currencies (including service, innovation, and reciprocity), Sampson takes pertinent ideas from the life and works of Dr. King and, by combining them with real-life experiences, produces a guide through which one can realize their full potential and personal power. Success does not discriminate, and the road map to it is contained in the pages of this revolutionary new work.



Author: Plato,

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780199535767

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 561

View: 965

A model for the ideal state includes discussion of the nature and application of justice, the role of the philosopher in society, the goals of education, and the effects of art upon character.

Jai Maha Leela

Jai Maha Leela


Publisher: Zorba Books

ISBN: 9789390640317

Category: Young Adult Nonfiction

Page: 250

View: 161

The reader will enjoy reading this book of beauty and joy. It will help you lead a happy, balanced life with love, peace, compassion, and harmony. The book is full of scientific, spiritual knowledge and wisdom of our true self and the reality of nature. Remember ‘You Are what you Practice! The meditation techniques and spiritual practices mentioned in this book will make you feel the presence of your body, mind, and spirit in the present moment. You will be more focused on your creative activity, it will enrich your Soul. Also, inspire, motivate, and help improve your personality. You will learn the spiritual art of knowing, transforming, and enjoying the beauty of your true being. Spiritual wisdom guides you towards becoming superhuman by developing balance, the right mindset, skills, and strengths to pave your path through the turbulence of your inner and outer world. Today our world needs people to strive towards innovation, earn good merit, an abundance of material wellness and spiritual well-being who are friendly humane and possess love for nature. The transformation of individuals and collective to become global personalities is the solution for all worldly problems and the spiritual evolution of mankind. MahaGuruAnubhava – The Great Master’s Divine Experience ……………………………………………………………….. 28 2. MahaPurushartha – The Great Glorious Spiritual Personality. Ideal Model for Glorious Integral Personality Development ………………………… 38 3. MahaUtthan – The Great Spiritual Upliftment. Ideal Path of Divine Spiritual Ascent…………………………………… 47 4. MahaMantras, MahaYantras, MahaTantras, MahaShlokas – The Great Spiritual Power Boosters…………….. 58 5. MahaBodhVakyas – The Great Life Quotes ……………………….. 101 6. MahaAtmanubhuti – The Great Self-Realization. Dharana – Dhyana – Samadhi (Concentration – Meditation – Liberation) ……………………………………………………. 136 7. MahaGunaDharma – The Great Spiritual Qualities. The Integral Global Personality Development …………………… 153 8. MahaSatsang – MahaUtsav – The Great Spiritual Collective Joyous Celebrations. Art, Music, Creativity, Singing, Dancing, Wellness, and Wellbeing ………………………. 159 9. MahaBhajans – MahaAartis – Sublime Divine Harmony …… 166 10. MahaPrarthana- MahaStuti – MahaPratidnya – The Great Prayers – Praise – Affirmations …………………………. 171 11. MahaAdhyatmaSadhana – The Great Spiritual practice. Spiritual Healing & wellbeing…………………………………………… 185 12. MahaParivartana – Naad-Brahman Synchronous Resonance Transcendence Art. The Great Zero-Point Power Transformation. Incredible Turning Point………………. 196 13. MahaSadhaka – MahaSatsangSeva – MahaGuruKripa – MahaAvahana – The Great Spiritual Seeking and Practice – Divine Collective Service – MahaGuru’s Divine Blessings – Great Appeal………………………………………… 227

The Power of Gifts

The Power of Gifts

Author: Felicity Heal

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 9780199542956

Category: History

Page: 273

View: 392

This study considers the nature of gift-giving in early-modern England - looking at what gifts were, how they were offered and received, and what did they mean politically under the different monarchs of the 16th and 17th centuries.