A Perfect Offering

A Perfect Offering

Author: Suzanne Heft

Publisher: Mosaic Press

ISBN: 9781771615136

Category: Medical

Page: 329

View: 881

A Perfect Offering illuminates the dark recesses of trauma—the sudden loss of a child, surviving sexual assault, the legacy of residential schools, enduring war and imprisonment, living with chronic illness—and shines with the imperfect grace and resilience of the human heart. Some of the 31 stories will shock and disorient. Others will inspire and comfort. All are illustrative and compelling. The contributors include Jennifer Finney Boylan, trans activist and a regular contributor to The New York Times; Captain Trevor Greene, who was attacked by an axe-wielding teenager near Kandahar; author of Prisoner of Tehran, Marina Nemat; Jules Arita Koostachin, band member of Attawapiskat First Nation; and Paul Watson, awarded Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography. For others, this will be their first publication. "This emotionally honest book is simultaneously brutal, beautiful and deeply inspiring." —Jennifer Meeropol, granddaughter of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg "This book will break your heart right open." —Mike Downie, Co-Founder of The Gord Downie & Chanie Wenjack Fund "These shared stories resonate with deep feeling, wisdom and courage." —Award-wining novelist Camilla Gibb

Joyful Living

Joyful Living

Author: Amy Leigh Mercree

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide

ISBN: 9780738750903

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 263

View: 239

Experience joy each day and equip yourself for the ups and downs of life with Joyful Living, a practical roadmap to achieving inner and outer happiness. Using a mindful and balanced approach, Amy Leigh Mercree presents over a hundred ways to enliven your spirit and step into the blissful life you desire. Featuring affirmations, exercises, inspirational stories, and more, Joyful Living's uplifting entries are easy to use and can be enjoyed in any order. Explore a variety of themes from spiritual ecstasy to attitudes of gratitude to creative inspiration. Apply mindfulness techniques and work toward greater awareness of the present moment. With this book's guidance, you can calm your busy life and focus on the joyful world around you. Praise: "Joyful Living offers hundreds of useful and easy ways to add more beauty, bliss, and pleasure into daily life. In just a few minutes each day you can enrich your life with this treasure trove of wisdom."—Arielle Ford, author of The Soulmate Secret "A life of bliss is not only possible, but imperative. Tools and cultivation are all it takes to live the life of your dreams. Amy's book is a literary light that will help illuminate the path to personal greatness."—Sheila Kelley, actress, TedX Speaker, and author

Bible Verses About Love

Bible Verses About Love

Author: Joyful Living Press


ISBN: 9798589473605


Page: 64

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Bible Verse Coloring Book for Girls Let all that you do be done in love. 1 Corinthians 16:14 This coloring book will inspire girls to grow in their understanding of what the bible teaches about love in a fun and creative way. Enjoy coloring in beautiful designs and spending time in God's word. Features: 8.5" x 11" Beautiful Gloss cover 62 pages Single sided pages Black backed pages ★★★Checkout Joyful Living Press for more christian content to inspire young christian to live for Christ.★★★

In-Between Days

In-Between Days

Author: Teva Harrison

Publisher: House of Anansi

ISBN: 9781487001100

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 165

View: 442

2016 Governor General's Literary Award Finalist 2017 Kobo Emerging Writer Prize Winner 2017 Joe Shuster Award Nominee Teva Harrison was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at the age of 37. In this brilliant and inspiring graphic memoir, she documents through comic illustration and short personal essays what it means to live with the disease. She confronts with heartbreaking honesty the crises of identity that cancer brings: a lifelong vegetarian, Teva agrees to use experimental drugs that have been tested on animals. She struggles to reconcile her long-term goals with an uncertain future, balancing the innate sadness of cancer with everyday acts of hope and wonder. She also examines those quiet moments of helplessness and loving with her husband, her family, and her friends, while they all adjust to the new normal. Ultimately, In-Between Days is redemptive and uplifting, reminding each one of us of how beautiful life is, and what a gift.

Not One of These Poems Is about You

Not One of These Poems Is about You

Author: Teva Harrison

Publisher: Ambrosia

ISBN: 1487006926

Category: Art

Page: 104

View: 443

In this remarkable, frank, and gut-wrenching mix of words and images, Teva continues on her journey, grappling with what it means to live with metastatic breast cancer. She plunges deep into her inner world, shadowing the progression of the disease. Reality takes on sharp edges: the swell of cancer and its retreat with chemo. Her inner corporeal reality versus her outer manifestation of health, vitality, and femininity. Holding fast to the great love of her life, while preparing to leave him behind. Contemplating who she was before cancer, and who she is now. Starkly honest and wholly profound, Not One of These Poems Is About You distills life to its essence. Teva Harrison continues to gift the world with her clear-eyed insight and her open heart.

The Joyful Women's Guide to Self-Care

The Joyful Women's Guide to Self-Care

Author: Kandice Cole

Publisher: Hybrid Global Publishing

ISBN: 9781951943790

Category: Self-Help

Page: 150

View: 448

What do you think of when you hear the word self-care? For many people, images of bubble baths, candles, sitting for a long time in silence come to mind. But honestly--who has the time for that when you're juggling a hectic schedule? And if we're really being honest, how do you not feel guilty when so many other people need your time and attention? It almost feels like burnout is just the norm for busy women. Take control of your self-care journey in four easy steps: Refresh, Reset, Restore, Reclaim. In these four steps, you will learn to take control of their own self-care journey and: Practice self-care when you feel good and when you feel exhausted. Shift your mindset and beat overwhelm before it starts. Embrace your creativity to express new ideas and release stuck emotions. Take back your time, your mindset, and reclaim your own personal self-care journey. The Joyful Woman's Guide to Self-Care is changing the conversation and helping busy women to practice sustainable self-care and prevent burnout before it starts.

Live Life Colorfully

Live Life Colorfully

Author: Maneesh Dutt

Publisher: Notion Press

ISBN: 9781946129178

Category: Self-Help

Page: 122

View: 187

The nature of life is such that we always have to face challenges either large or small. It is easy to get bogged down by problems, which in turn cloud our thinking process, making it even more difficult for us to surmount difficult situations. Would it not be wonderful if we had a tool, which could help raise our level of thinking, which would allow solutions to emerge from within us? A Mind Map Mandala is precisely that thinking tool, which can help us in life’s multiple situations. When Mind Mapping is combined with the ancient art of Mandala, involving color and images, it becomes even more potent in opening hitherto unknown doors for us. You will discover in this Book how Mind Map Mandala’s can help you • Discover your life purpose • Help you achieve your life goals • Understand and Manage your emotions • Change unwanted habits • Decision making • Solve life’s complex problems • And even write a book All you need are a few color pens to get started on your journey and allow the Mind Map Mandalas to guide you to your destination.

A Joyful Note

A Joyful Note

Author: Joy Haynes

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 1533032564


Page: 56

View: 180

The right words can lift your spirit and change your perspective. A Joyful Note is inside waiting for you. It may be just what you need to think upon today. Inside you'll find twenty-four hand-drawn coloring pages with the author's Joyful Notes wrapped in the designs. The coloring pages range from simple to intermediate in detail. Some are whimsical and others are abstract. All are a gift for you to unfold as you ponder each idea. A few of the Joyful Notes inside: - We are each created uniquely. Your voice is important. - Each day we start with a blank canvas. Color your day. - There is a sense of richness in the company of friends. - What can you let go of so that you can be free? Put on some music that inspires or calms you and create some breathing room for your soul. Let's pick up our pencils and pens and start coloring!

Time - Too Much or Not Enuf

Time - Too Much or Not Enuf

Author: H. Wesley Brown, MD

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781514487150

Category: Poetry

Page: 128

View: 483

The book is about the physical and emotional stress that a person with ALS undergoes. The medium is primarily in poetry, although short essays are included. And it is in the first person, by an MD. The poems express my trials and tribulations with my muscles and devices. The book is for those afflicted with ALS, their primary caregivers, and families. It has humor, pathos, and information. Also, it has excerpts from three previous books I have written.