British Rail

British Rail

Author: Christian Wolmar

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 9780241456217

Category: Transportation

Page: 416

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Pre-order the authoritative and enthralling history of of the rise and fall of the state-owned British Rail. You think you know British Rail. From the sandwiches to the inefficiency to the violent yellow livery, we haven't looked kindly on this, the last of our great state-owned organizations to be privatized. But you don't know the whole story. From its creation after the Second World War, through its fifty-year lifetime, British Rail was an innovative powerhouse that transformed our transport system, uniting disparate lines into a highly competent organization - heralding 'The Age of the Train' and for a time providing one of the fastest regular rail services in the world. Born into post-war austerity, traumatized, impoverished and exploited by a hostile press, the state-owned railway was dismissed as a dinosaur unable to evolve, and swept away by a government hellbent on selling it off. Now, award-winning writer Christian Wolmar provides a new perspective on national loss in a time of privatization. British Rail is ripe for a new history. Praise for Christian Wolmar The greatest expert on British trains' - The Guardian 'Our most eminent transport journalist' - The Spectator 'If the world's railways have a laureate, it is surely Christian Wolmar' - Boston Globe 'Christian Wolmar is in love with the railways. He writes constantly and passionately about them. He is their wisest, most detailed historian and a constant prophet of their rebirth . . . if you love the hum of the wheels and of history, then Christian Wolmar is your man' - Observer

Important Helminth Infections in Southeast Asia

Important Helminth Infections in Southeast Asia


Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 0123849454

Category: Medical

Page: 480

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This thematic volume provides authoritative, up-to-date reviews pertaining to the epidemiology, public health significance and shifts therein, control (current activities, successes, setbacks), persisting challenges (e.g. sanitation, universal coverage of health services, health-related behavior) of the key parasitic diseases in Southeast Asia. The book also discusses the new tools and approaches for enhanced discovery and control of helminthic diseases. Informs and updates on all the latest developments in the field Contributions from leading authorities and industry experts

The Environments of the Poor in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific

The Environments of the Poor in Southeast Asia, East Asia and the Pacific

Author: Aris Ananta

Publisher: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

ISBN: 9789814517997

Category: Social Science

Page: 299

View: 834

This book provides examples of possible triple-win solutions for simultaneously reducing poverty, raising the quality of the environment, and adapting to climate change. The book provides empirical evidence and observations from sixteen case studies in Southeast and East Asia, and from the Pacific. It argues that a spatial approach focussing on the environments in which the poor and vulnerable live, would trigger changes for development policies and implementation that better balance environmental and social concerns. In line with the post-2015 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) agenda, emphasizing integrated development approaches for the slum poor, the upland poor, the dryland poor, the coastal poor, and the flood-affected wetland poor, would also bring the environment and poverty agenda closer. The book emerged from a cooperation of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) with the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in partnership with experts from research institutes and think-tanks in the Asian region.