Who's Who of Canadian Women, 1999-2000

Who's Who of Canadian Women, 1999-2000

Author: Gillian Holmes

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 0920966551

Category: Social Science

Page: 1194

View: 281

Who's Who of Canadian Women is a guide to the most powerfuland innovative women in Canada. Celebrating the talents and achievement of over 3,700 women, Who's Who of Canadian Women includes women from all over Canada, in all fields, including agriculture, academia, law, business, politics, journalism, religion, sports and entertainment. Each biography includes such information as personal data, education, career history, current employment, affiliations, interests and honours. A special comment section reveals personal thoughts, goals, and achievements of the profiled individual. Entries are indexed by employment of affilitation for easy reference. Published every two years, Who's Who of Canadian Women selects its biographees on merit alone. This collection is an essential resource for all those interested in the achievements of Canadian women.

The Old Stones

The Old Stones

Author: Andy Burnham

Publisher: Watkins

ISBN: 9781786782038

Category: Travel

Page: 727

View: 689

This is the only book about standing stones created by the whole community of megalith enthusiasts, as represented by the archaeologists, photographers, theorists and stones aficionados who post on the Megalithic Portal. It offers unparalleled coverage of Britain and Ireland's Neolithic and Bronze Age sites: where they are, what to look out for, how to understand them. Featuring 1,000+ sites (500 with full photographic profiles), the book includes many places not covered elsewhere. An introductory essay by archaeologist Vicki Cummings helps readers interpret the sites and surrounding landscape through prehistoric eyes. Throughout the book are feature articles by different contributors on a huge range of topics, from archaeological analysis of key sites (including Stonehenge, Avebury, Durrington Walls, the Dartmoor stone rows, Grimes Graves, the Cumbrian axe factories, Newgrange and many more), reports on cutting-edge excavations at sites such as Must Farm and Ness of Brodgar, as well as discussions of 'mysteries', such as otherworldly experiences, dowsing, healing sites, archaeoastronomy and sacred geometry. Up-to-date archaeological approaches, such as sensory and experimental archaeology, are also explained. Andy Burnham's introduction offers tips for megalith enthusiasts in the field, as well as 'how to' features on drone photography and 3D modelling. With its stunning contemporary design combined with a durable flexi binding, this is a volume to gift and to treasure, to pore over at home and take out on expeditions.

Faith, Reason and Common Sense:

Faith, Reason and Common Sense:

Author: Paul M. Roddick

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781449073343

Category: Religion

Page: 340

View: 141

Have you ever wondered where religion is concerned, what you really believe? In FAITH, REASON & COMMON SENSE the interdependence of religion and culture is examined with care and insight. Readers with strong religious convictions may be surprised to discover that the history of religion - every religion - is both a chronicle of heresy and a reconfiguration of belief. In his examination of the relationship between Faith and Reason, the author rejects the familiar premise that a life guided by one must exclude the other. Although he stresses the importance of examining `the faith of our fathers' he is respectful of those who, in a world dominated by science, find guidance and reassurance in their religion. Far ranging and insightful, drawing on a wealth of sources and opinions, there is something for everyone in this challenging and though-provoking study.