The Saboteur at Work

The Saboteur at Work

Author: Michael Drayton

Publisher: Taylor & Francis

ISBN: 9781000804775

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 190

View: 480

The Saboteur at Work describes how unconscious psychological processes can sabotage individual lives, the functioning of groups, teams and organisations, and even global politics. Drawing on research in the fields of psychology and organisations, this comprehensive yet straightforward and accessible book enables you to understand how the unconscious can impact progress and performance and describes practical techniques you can use to overcome the saboteur, individually and at work. The book discusses the modern understanding of our adaptive unconscious, and you will learn about repression, imposter syndrome and other defence mechanisms. Ideas are brought to life using real-world examples and personal, organisational and national stories. The book explores the mind’s capacity for self-deception by telling the story of Tony Blair and the invasion of Iraq and looks at unconscious processes in organisations, asking what role the saboteur played in huge corporate failures such as the collapse of Barings Bank and the Boeing 737 Max scandal. The saboteur also operates on a larger scale – governments and societies can be sabotaged by this unconscious force. In Nazi Germany, how did normal, decent people behave like monsters, colluding with or actively participating in the murder of innocent people? Why did big US corporates like IBM, Ford and Chrysler work with the Nazis to make the Holocaust possible? If you manage a team or lead an organisation, you need to understand the role played by the saboteur in your workplace and in your own career and life. This book enables leaders and managers to develop their leadership skills by understanding how the unconscious impacts individual, group and social processes. It will also be of use to coaches and organisational consultants working in the areas of teams and performance.

The Saboteur

The Saboteur

Author: Andrew Gross

Publisher: Minotaur Books

ISBN: 9781466892170

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 382

Based on the true story of Operation Gunnerside—the Britain-sponsored mission that sent Norwegian commandos into the Nazi-occupied Telemark region of their country to destroy the enemy’s nuclear weapons program—New York Times bestselling author Andrew Gross’s The Saboteur is a riveting World War II thriller of espionage and action. February, 1943. Both the Allies and the Nazis are closing in on attempts to construct the decisive weapon of the war. Kurt Nordstrum, an engineer in Oslo, puts his life aside to take up arms against the Germans as part of the Norwegian resistance. After the loss of his fiancée, and with his outfit whittled to shreds, he commandeers a coastal steamer and escapes to England to transmit secret evidence of the Nazis’s progress towards an atomic bomb at an isolated factory in Norway. There, he joins a team of dedicated Norwegians in training in the Scottish Highlands for a mission to disrupt the Nazis’ plans before they advance any further. Parachuted onto the most unforgiving terrain in Europe, braving the fiercest of mountain storms, Nordstrum and his team attempt the most daring raid of the war, targeting the heavily-guarded factory built on a shelf of rock thought to be impregnable, a mission even they know they likely will not survive. Months later, Nordstrum is called upon again to do the impossible, opposed by both elite Nazi soldiers and a long-standing enemy who is now a local collaborator—one man against overwhelming odds, with the fate of the war in the balance, but the choice to act means putting the one person he has a chance to love in peril.



Author: Sam Witt

Publisher: Bastion Press, Inc.

ISBN: 1592630006

Category: Dungeons and Dragons (Game)

Page: 100

View: 254

While some choose to sail the seas and oceans seeking trade, adventure, and fame, others are more daring and sail the skies of their worlds. Discover the wonders of flight and the beauty of sailing the winds from many different methods and in many different forms. After all, no one race dominates the skies?save those that need no ships and jealously guard their skies. Like sea captains traversing dangerous waters and unknown menaces, airship captains must face the wrath of the aerial realms in the forms of dragons and other invisible dangers that pose great risk to their airships Airships provides all the rules necessary to bring flying ships into any campaign setting. Construction rules, combat, aerial and 3D movement, and other essential information is all covered. Also included are deck plans and specifications for a number of ships. Airships will bring new heroes to the fore when a village under siege cries "Look! Up in the sky!"

Communication Technologies for Vehicles

Communication Technologies for Vehicles

Author: Jaizki Mendizabal

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9783319389219

Category: Computers

Page: 187

View: 732

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 10th International Workshop on Communication Technologies for Vehicles, Nets4Cars/Nets4Trains/Nets4Aircraft 2016, held in San Sebastián, Spain, in June 2016. The 13 papers presented together with 2 keynote papers, 2 invited papers, and 1 demo paper in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from 17 initial submissions. The contributions are organized in topical sections named: road, rail, and air.

The Naked Coach

The Naked Coach

Author: David Taylor

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781907293924

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 312

View: 392

Bestselling author David Taylor returns with his take on business coaching. No fuss. No jargon. Just great ideas. The Naked Coach is the back-to-basics book on coaching that will make sense of coaching and place it back at the very heart of the business agenda. It will make understanding, learning and teaching coaching simple. The Naked Coach tells real, practical, fun, exciting and above all else relevant stories that you can apply straightaway. David Taylor strips away the hype, jargon and mystery to give coaching a clear definition in all its forms, including mentoring, training, facilitation and interventions of every kind. The Naked Coach explains coaching without being patronising, defines without being arrogant, and does it in a fun, accessible way. It is coaching from a different perspective – yours. The fundamental principle of The Naked Coach is to be yourself – always. Find what works for you, and do it, again and again and again. Remember. No fuss. No Jargon. Just great ideas.

The Secret of Life Wellness

The Secret of Life Wellness

Author: Inna Segal

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781582702865

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 304

View: 754

Provides twenty-one questions to guide the reader through every stage of personal well-being, covering such personal challenges as weight loss, child rearing, and dealing with loss.



Author: Maria Jesus MarinLopez


ISBN: 9781326455125

Category: Self-Help

Page: 88

View: 366

In this Book we will explore the 4 main archetypes (Child, Saboteur, Victim and Prostitute). These are the greatest challenges to our soul; this is how we gain self esteem. You will never fulfil your contract unless you learn and deal with these four. - Fear to break the safety net. - Every archetype has a shadow (fear base, unknown) and a light side. - When our survival is threatened we go into these four archetypes. - If you sell your soul for safety, guidance cannot flow.

The Audacity To Be Queen

The Audacity To Be Queen

Author: Gina DeVee

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 9781529311891

Category: Self-Help

Page: 336

View: 257

"Gina DeVee is a master at articulating what it means to be an empowered woman." Jen Sincero, #1 New York Times bestselling author of You Are a Badass and You Are a Badass at Making Money YOUR EPIC LIFE STARTS HERE. In every woman lives a Queen who is confident, poised and clear on her calling. She is bold and unapologetic. Drawing from her spiritual connection and feminine nature, she accesses the power to manifest her desires and fulfill her purpose. The era of invisible women is over. Your time to be Queen has arrived. In The Audacity to be Queen, women's empowerment and success coach Gina DeVee invites modern day women to embrace the endless possibilities that are rightfully ours. Permission granted to take ourselves off the back-burner financially, romantically, physically, and socially--and step into our greatness. The days of dismissing ourselves and our desires end here. No longer must we pretend to be anything other than brilliant, capable and fabulous. The world needs women like us to own our power, raise our standards and contribute our talents like never before. When a woman chooses to be a Queen everyone benefits. With spectacular flair, beautiful pearls of wisdom, life-changing stories of unexpected triumph, The Audacity to Be Queen takes you on a journey to empower the Queen within. Gina DeVee shares the steps, exercises, meditations, prayers, and journal prompts to release all forms of self-doubt and self-sabotage so you can discover the best version of you. Only from the position of Queen can you fulfill your calling, and in this pivotal moment, time is of the essence. The age of Queen is now.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk

Author: Dr Carol Langlois

Publisher: Christine F. Anderson

ISBN: 9780692294840

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 134

View: 899

Katie is dying to fit in. Literally. She’s a bulimic high school freshman who drinks and hangs out with the mean girls. Maybe you know someone like her? Or there’s Cindy, a high school junior who acts like everything is always OK. She plays three sports, earns straight A’s, and parties on the weekends, but also she struggles with depression, perfectionism, and addiction. Girl Talk: Boys, Bullies and Body Image is a book about teens designed specifically for a teen audience. It’s a compilation of 10 teen girls’ powerful and all-too-familiar stories. Dr. Carol also examines each girl’s situation and provides practical advice on how all teens can take control of their life and RAISE (Resilience, Attitude, Independence, Self-Respect and Empowerment) their self-esteem.

Sacred Contracts

Sacred Contracts

Author: Caroline Myss

Publisher: Harmony

ISBN: 9781400046867

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 464

View: 874

Caroline Myss, author of the New York Times bestsellers Anatomy of the Spirit and Why People Don’t Heal and How They Can, presents an exciting, highly original program in this long-awaited book. Based on her internationally popular workshop of the same name, Sacred Contracts is a brilliant synthesis of psychology, healing guidance, and spiritual insight. As a medical intuitive, Myss has found that people often don’t understand their purpose in life, which has led to a spiritual malaise of epidemic proportions. This metaphysical disease in turn leads to depression, anxiety, fatigue, and eventually physical illness. But our purpose—our individual Sacred Contract—is often difficult to apprehend. For this reason, Myss developed an enjoyable and ingenious process for deciphering your own Contract using a new theory of archetypes that builds on the works of Jung, Plato, and contemporary thinkers. She first recounts how the concept of Sacred Contracts took form in myths and other cultural traditions through the ages. She then examines the lives of the spiritual masters and prophets—Abraham, Jesus, the Buddha, and Muhammad—whose archetypal journeys illustrate the four stages of a Sacred Contract and provide clues for discovering your own. With her signature motivational style and stories, Myss explains how you can identify your particular spiritual energies, or archetypes—the gatekeepers of your higher purpose—and use them to help you find out what you are here on earth to learn and whom you are meant to meet. In coming to know your archetypal companions, you also begin to see how to live your life in ways that make the best use of your personal power and lead you to fulfill your greatest—in fact, your divine—potential. In this process, you learn how to see your life—and the lives of others—symbolically, allowing you to manage your personal power without getting caught up in emotional drama. You will also learn how to fulfill your Sacred Contract: what you and only you are here on earth to do. Finally, Myss offers specific guidance for locating your physical and emotional vulnerabilities and healing any susceptible areas. Both visionary and practical, Sacred Contracts is a completely unique process of self-discovery and spiritual archaeology and a bold, powerful work of spiritual wisdom.

The Classical Decision Problem

The Classical Decision Problem

Author: Egon Börger

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540423249

Category: Mathematics

Page: 500

View: 927

This book offers a comprehensive treatment of the classical decision problem of mathematical logic and of the role of the classical decision problem in modern computer science. The text presents a revealing analysis of the natural order of decidable and undecidable cases and includes a number of simple proofs and exercises.