What Lurks Within

What Lurks Within

Author: John Zaffis


ISBN: 9798627871981


Page: 216

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What Lurks Within chronicles true case files from John Zaffis, noted demonologist and paranormal researcher, and Reverend Larry Elward, independent priest and exorcist and his wife Debbie Elward, paranormal researcher and psychic. This book delves into the more intense cases that the three have been involved in over their thirty-some years of working together in the paranormal field. John and Larry met while both were involved in a case for the famous ghost hunters, Ed and Lorraine Warren. Debbie would later meet up with John and her future husband while also on a case for the Warrens. A few short years later, the three would team up to work on their own cases separate from the Warrens. The three have continued working together and have put their combined knowledge together in co-authoring this book.Before you begin this book, you may wonder why we began doing what we do in the first place...it's not easy to explain.Each one of us has our own reasons why we would want to expose ourselves to possible retaliation from an unseen foe. John grew up in a family that was already in the work of eradicating spirits from people's lives. Although he was in his late teens early twenties when he started actually going on his first case and helping people, he still showed an early interest in the subject matter. Larry became interested in the subject of exorcism after watching the movie The Exorcist. He began studying about the subject and eventually went on his first paranormal case and witnessed a possessed man being sprayed with Holy Water. When the water hit the man's arms, it caused the skin to burst open as if he were slashed with a knife. Debbie chose to do this work as a psychic, being able to see spirits her whole life. She often wondered what she could do to use her God given gifts. She now believes that these gifts were given to her to help people. By chance or sheer luck, the three came together with a common goal to help people who are being beleaguered by these spirits. In What Lurks Within, we have highlighted only a few of our many cases that we have dealt with over our many years as a team. Still today, we continue helping people deal with their spiritual conflicts.

The Halloween Truth Spell

The Halloween Truth Spell

Author: Morgana Best

Publisher: Best Cosy Books

ISBN: 9781922420701

Category: Fiction


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Sometimes, truth hurts . . . When the demanding Marina Mercer forces Amelia to do a truth spell over shares in a goldmine, Amelia expects nothing will go wrong. But when Marina's tenant is murdered in gold blood, Marina's boyfriend becomes the prime suspect. Now Alder is furious at Amelia for once again finding herself an Australian Sherlock Holmes searching for nuggets of information—but she can’t worry about that now. The real murderer is difficult to dig up, and with half the townspeople telling the truth, Amelia is starting to suspect that the truth won’t set you free, but plunge you into trouble. The Halloween Truth Spell is Book 15 in this paranormal cozy mystery series from USA Today Bestselling author, Morgana Best.

Thinking in Cases

Thinking in Cases

Author: John Forrester

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781509508631

Category: Psychology

Page: 220

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What exactly is involved in using particular case histories to think systematically about social, psychological and historical processes? Can one move from a textured particularity, like that in Freud's famous cases, to a level of reliable generality? In this book, Forrester teases out the meanings of the psychoanalytic case, how to characterize it and account for it as a particular kind of writing. In so doing, he moves from psychoanalysis to the law and medicine, to philosophy and the constituents of science. Freud and Foucault jostle here with Thomas Kuhn, Ian Hacking and Robert Stoller, and Einstein and Freud's connection emerges as a case study of two icons in the general category of the Jewish Intellectual. While Forrester was particularly concerned with analysing the style of reasoning that was dominant in psychoanalysis and related disciplines, his path-breaking account of thinking in cases will be of great interest to scholars, students and professionals across a wide range of disciplines, from history, law and the social sciences to medicine, clinical practice and the therapies of the world.

Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Infectious Diseases in Southeast Asia

Socio-Ecological Dimensions of Infectious Diseases in Southeast Asia

Author: Serge Morand

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 9789812875273

Category: Medical

Page: 338

View: 519

This book pursues a multidisciplinary approach in order to evaluate the socio-ecological dimensions of infectious diseases in Southeast Asia. It includes 18 chapters written by respected researchers in the fields of history, sociology, ecology, epidemiology, veterinary sciences, medicine and the environmental sciences on six major topics: (1) Infectious diseases and societies, (2) Health, infectious diseases and socio-ecosystems; (3) Global changes, land use changes and vector-borne diseases; (4) Monitoring and data acquisition; (5) Managing health risks; and (6) Developing strategies. The book offers a valuable guide for students and researchers in the fields of development and environmental studies, animal and human health (veterinarians, physicians), ecology and conservation biology, especially those with a focus on Southeast Asia.

Something Evil Lurks in the Woods

Something Evil Lurks in the Woods

Author: Charles Edwin Price

Publisher: The Overmountain Press

ISBN: 1570720398

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 132

View: 899

Based on three Tennessee folk tales, this book is ideal for young readers who like to read action-packed scary tales. Kurt Mullins hates babystitting his rug-rat sister, Katy. He constantly fights with his best friend, Articus. And his is forever befuddled by Melissa Beasley, a twelve-year-old genius who dons weird clothing and argues politically correct issues.

Laissez Faire Law

Laissez Faire Law

Author: Wolf Devoon

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 9781430308362

Category: Law

Page: 227

View: 596

20 essays drawn from numerous online archives that illuminate two decades' progress of DeVoon's thought on the philosophy of laissez faire law, a system that he believes has no direct antecedents, except Thomas Paine and Ayn Rand O'Connor, with a grateful hat tip to Jefferson, Lincoln, Madison, Hancock, Otis, and Franklin.

A Lion's Pride #2

A Lion's Pride #2

Author: Eve Langlais

Publisher: Eve Langlais

ISBN: 9781773841861

Category: Fiction

Page: 576

View: 480

Sassy and not always classy, meet the lionesses who know what they want and go after it. They’re ready to dig in their claws to find happiness and love. Includes previously release titles: · When a Lioness Snarls - Stalking is only a crime among humans. In a lioness’s world, it’s called dating. · When a Lioness Pounces – This curious cat wants to know what makes him tick. · When a Lioness Growls – This fiery lioness doesn’t take no for an answer. · When a Lioness Hunts - What happens when a lioness with dubious accounting practices gets involved with an auditor for the IRS? A rawr-ing good time. genre: paranormal romance, romantic comedy, lionshifter romance, alpha male, alpha females, vampires, werewolves

The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild

Author: Jack London

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 9781451685428

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 644

Enriched Classics offer readers accessible editions of great works of literature enhanced by helpful notes and commentary. Each book includes educational tools alongside the text, enabling students and readers alike to gain a deeper and more developed understanding of the writer and their work. The Call of the Wild tells the story of the magnificent dog, Buck, who’s loyalty is tested by cruel men in search of gold in the Klondike. Brutally treated, Buck finds the blood of his wolf ancestors rising within him and breaks free to roam the Alaskan wilderness as leader of a pack instead of as a pawn in his owner’s ruthless mission. Enriched Classics enhance your engagement by introducing and explaining the historical and cultural significance of the work, the author’s personal history, and what impact this book had on subsequent scholarship. Each book includes discussion questions that help clarify and reinforce major themes and reading recommendations for further research. Read with confidence.