Is Monogamy Dead?

Is Monogamy Dead?

Author: Rosie Wilby

Publisher: Accent Press Ltd

ISBN: 9781786154521

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 320

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In early 2013, comedian Rosie Wilby found herself at a crossroads with everything she'd ever believed about romantic relationships. When people asked, 'who's the love of your life?' there was no simple answer. Did they mean her former flatmate who she'd experienced the most ecstatic, heady, yet ultimately doomed, fling with? Or did they mean the deep, lasting companionate partnerships that gave her a sense of belonging and family? Surely, most human beings need both. Mixing humour, heartache and science, Is Monogamy Dead? details Rosie's very personal quest to find out why Western society is clinging to a concept that doesn't work that well for some of us and is laden with ambiguous assumptions.



Author: Steve Rasnic Tem

Publisher: Weird Little Worlds

ISBN: 1737891824


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Mothers are the hand the rock the cradle and the true rulers of the world. In this anthology of 33 stories and poems, we explore the powerful, dangerous, and transcendent nature of mothers. Through the most compelling voices in science fiction, dark fantasy, and horror today, we stretch the concept of motherhood to its limits and show a side of Mother that you've never seen before. Featuring award-winning authors and the most captivating new voices in speculative fiction, this is 300 pages of compelling, weird, and awe-inspiring tales that will have you rethinking everything you know about that most secretive of all women: Mother. Featuring: "The Sire," by Steven Rasnic Tem"Last Leaf of an Ursine Tree," by Hailey Piper"Of a Thousand Arms and More," by Ai Jiang"Passed," by Elizabeth R. McClellan"Mother Made Cake," by Nicoletta Giuseffi"Puerperium," by Donyae Coles"Pelican," by Gemma Files"Fracture," by Mercedes M. Yardley"When Auntie's Due," by Sarah Read"Vé'otsé'e (Warpath Woman)," by Shane Hawk"Stone's Blood," by Nick Bouchard"Shields," by Christina Sng"The Bone Child," by Ryan Cole"The Wives of Tromisle," by Dan Coxon"Duties Terrible and Dear," by John Langan"Worry Dolly," by Nadia Bulkin"(sub)Maternal Instincts," by K.M. Veohongs"720o," by Steve Toase"Number ONE," by Frances Lu Pai Ippolito"Here in the Cellar," by R. Leigh Hennig"She's Untouchable," by Renee Cronley"Lida's Beach," by Stephanie Nelson"Instruments of Bone and the Flesh Songs They Create," by Nikki R. Leigh"Transformative Love," by Tehnuka"The Withering Depths," by Todd Powell"Waiting for Mother," by Brian Evenson"Unchild," by Jonathan Louis Duckworth"Take Care," by S.P. Miskowski"Mother Trucker," by Wailana Kalama"The Last Sin," by Gabino Iglesias"Jacob's Mother," by Katie McIvor